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Column Image How to Cope with a Break Up

Coping with a Breakup Whatever the reason, however inevitable or unpredictable the end of the relationship is, breaking up is hard to do. Healing after a breakup can take time. By learning how to cope with your break up in a healthy manner, you actually have the chance to learn … Continue reading >

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Column Image Therapy Changes Parent’s Guide: Ending the Nightly Homework Struggle

On Thursday, August 15, Dr. Rochelle Perper was featured on the FOX5 San Diego morning segment entitled “The Mommy and Daddy Handbook” to ending the nightly homework struggle. You can see the video here. Contrary to what your kids might say, homework is important. In fact, homework is oftentimes one … Continue reading >

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Column Image Boosting Your Mental Strength for Maximum Performance

Imagine it’s the World Cup Soccer series.  And this is the match in which the World Cup champion is determined.  The teams are tied 1-1.  The game goes into overtime with two 15-minute periods.  The teams alternate in scoring goals.  Whoever scores the first goal is identified as the World … Continue reading >

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Column Image Grieving the Loss of a Pet

According to the Humane Society of the United States there are over 78.2 million dogs and 86.4 million cats that are living as part of a human family, and there are over 2-3 million cats and dogs who are adopted each year.   Adoptions are only one indicator of the commitment … Continue reading >

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