Teletherapy is an effective and convenient way to receive psychological care without the need to visit the office. Therapy Changes offers teletherapy services through video sessions or over the phone.

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Teletherapy Services

Teletherapy provides increased access to care and the convenience of receiving psychological services without visiting the office. In most situations, teletherapy is just as effective as in-person care. It costs the same as in-person sessions and is typically covered by most insurance companies

Teletherapy isn’t for everyone, and some people enjoy the benefits of in-person sessions. Meeting in the office provides your therapist with the opportunity to pick up on nonverbal communication cues and in some cases, can help build strong and meaningful relationships. Some people enjoy having a safe and private place to talk that is away from home. And in-person therapy can be just as comfortable and laidback as teletherapy.

Hybrid Model of Care

Teletherapy and in-person services have many benefits on their own and can be offered together. At Therapy Changes, you can choose the approach that is best for you, so you can enjoy the benefits that in-person care provides, and the convenience of virtual sessions. The team at Therapy Changes prioritize a hybrid model of therapy for our clients. This means that during your therapy experience you have the option to meet with your therapist virtually or in the office, depending on your comfort level and preference.

Your Teletherapy Appointment

To participate in a video session, you will need a device that is equipped with a microphone and camera and have reliable access to internet service. To protect your confidentiality, you must find a private, quiet area free of distractions where you can speak freely during your session. An ideal location is in a room with a closed door and good soundproofing.

On the day of your appointment, just prior to your appointment start time, you will receive an email from your therapist with a personal link to join the video call using a secure and HIPAA-compliant platform.

Whether it’s teletherapy or traditional in-person sessions, the team at Therapy Changes is here for you to address concerns and practice strategies to cope with emotions, build resilience and develop skills or flexibility, thus upholding our mission of providing focused guidance when you need it most.

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