Teletherapy is a positive outlet to learn ways to cope with emotions, help you build resilience and develop skills for flexibility – during this time of crisis, and beyond.

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Teletherapy Services

As news surrounding the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, Therapy Changes is taking proactive measures to reduce exposure, and to be a resource for you during this difficult time.

We believe in the significant value of in-person therapy sessions. However, the current situation calls on us all to implement measures to support the well-being of our community. Therapy Changes offers therapeutic care remotely through video and audio, or audio (phone) communication. This type of service delivery, called teletherapy, or online therapy, holds the same purpose as traditional in-person therapy and is provided through secure, HIPAA-compliant technology platforms.

Your Teletherapy Appointment

In order to participate in a video session, you must have a device that is equipped with a microphone and camera. This can be a PC, Mac, Android, or Apple phone. If you do not have a device, or your device is not equipped with audio/visual capability, your therapist can schedule a phone session. For your confidentiality, please find a private, quiet area free of distractions where you can speak freely for your sessions. An ideal location is in room with a closed door and good soundproofing.

On the day of your appointment, just prior to your appointment start time, you will receive an email from your therapist with a personal link to join the video call. In a private, quite space, open the link and sign into your client portal to connect.

The team at Therapy Changes will continue to be here for you to address the current crisis and practice strategies to manage anxiety, thus upholding our mission of providing focused guidance when you need it most.

For more information, please read Finding Meaning in Times of Uncertainty and visit our Resources page for valuable tools.

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