Couples therapy at Therapy Changes is appropriate for any couple at varying stages of partnership – whether you are in a committed relationship, boyfriend or girlfriend, engaged, recently married, married for decades, or considering separating.

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Couples Therapy is for couples of all marital statutes and genders. Participating in couples therapy will provide you and your partner with the support and insight you need to understand and work through your relationship difficulties. You will learn tools to better manage conflicts, identity and avoid repeating unhelpful patterns, and develop effective communication skills.

Therapy can address the full range of concerns that couples experience during the lifetime of a relationship, such as:

  • Affairs & being unfaithful
  • Blended family & stepfamily issues
  • Communication skills
  • Dealing with addiction
  • Deciding to break-up or break-through
  • Feelings of anger & betrayal
  • Intimacy & trust-building
  • Issues arising from previous relationships
  • Parenting “on the same page”
  • Sexual conflicts
  • Spiritual or religious differences
  • Stress due to time, money, & work
  • Working through changes in mid-life

Your therapist’s approach to couple’s therapy is solution-focused and supportive. You will have the opportunity to explore feelings that may be undermining your communication and uncover ways of thinking that may be preventing you and your partner from deeply connecting. Through couples therapy you and your partner will begin to reconnect with the desire that brought you together and rebuild a sense of trust and admiration.

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