Why Therapy Changes

Our Values

The team at Therapy Changes is committed to providing focused guidance when you need it most – when going it alone can feel overwhelming and hopeless. Our mission is to provide professional care, comfort and support, so our clients feel empowered to make positive change in their lives.

We operate within a well-defined value system that guides how we interact with each other, our clients and our community. You’ll notice these values in the personal care and comfort that you receive – from your very first call to the office and throughout your time in therapy. 

Therapy Changes is, and promotes being:

We are respectful, thoughtful and give personalized, empathetic care

We are genuine, trustworthy, transparent and professional; we create meaningful connections and demonstrate integrity

We help create strength and balance; we collaboratively inspire and facilitate change, innovation and growth

We are inviting and create belonging and being part of a community; we welcome diversity of lifestyle, beliefs, thoughts and personalities

Welcoming to Possibilities
We are flexible, embrace growth, and aim to be open-minded, accepting and action oriented

Of course, we cannot expect you to be receptive to therapy unless you trust us to look after your best interests; therefore, we strive to earn your trust…every day.


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