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Column Image Living a Giving Life: The Psychological Benefits of Generosity

As the holiday season approaches, we are constantly surrounded by the message that we should be buying gifts to make others happy. Some of us may get carried away with this material aspect and lose site of the act of generosity. Generosity is a wonderful concept, but interestingly enough, many … Continue reading >

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Column Image Introverts and Extroverts: The Brain Chemistry Behind Their Differences

I’m standing in a crowd of people at a conference after the last session. My colleagues – all extroverts – are across the room engaging others in conversation and laughing loudly. I was engaged for a while, but now I’m ready to head home and call it a day. The … Continue reading >

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Column Image Building Blocks for Emotional Resilience

Changes, stress, and obstacles seem to be an inevitable part of life. Part of effectively coping with these challenges is learning how to be flexible and adapt to the pain that enters our lives. Pain can take the form of many things, including intense emotion, loss, health problems, or relationship … Continue reading >

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Column Image Mindful Eating for a Successful Holiday Season

Winter has finally made its way to San Diego! Along with the cooler weather and shorter nights, many Americans are finding themselves in the middle of the holiday season. Whether or not this time of year holds significance for celebrating holidays, winter is a time that begs for comfort food … Continue reading >

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