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Column Image The Importance of Self-Care

Like many people, I find that I wear different hats throughout my week. In addition to being a psychologist, I am also a mother, wife, friend, sister and so on. Each and every role I fill is important to me and deserves my attention, time and consideration. However, like many … Continue reading >

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Column Image A Parent’s Guide to Managing Sibling Rivalry

When parents decide to have more than one child, it usually involves a fantasy about a perfect relationship between siblings. The reality is that sibling rivalry exists to some degree in virtually every family in which there is more than one child. It’s completely normal for siblings to have a … Continue reading >

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Column Image 8 Steps to Help Your Child Learn Problem Solving Skills

As adults we solve problems all throughout the day, from minimal to major problems. We are called upon to make decisions and find solutions to problems occurring in our homes, jobs, relationships, health, etc. The list is endless! Many problems we fix are common and we have learned a variety … Continue reading >

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