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Column Image The Power of a Token System!

Motivation is the key to human behavior! When you feel motivated to do something it is more likely that you will do it….plain and simple. As we are raising children we hope they develop intrinsic motivation to be successful in life. Intrinsic motivation is the internal desire that motivates us to behave … Continue reading >

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Column Image Are You Living The Life You Want To Live?

This is a question about values and what we each value in our life. Trying to understand each person’s personal values is much easier than we think and maybe not as universal as we may have been lead to believe. Everyone has heard, and probably has said, that they understand the difference … Continue reading >

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Column Image Lessons of Mindfulness

I recently attended a presentation on the practice of mindfulness hosted by Dr. Rochelle Calvert at New Mindful Life. I have heard about the practice of mindfulness before, but wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I imagined we would sit on the floor in the full lotus position trying to … Continue reading >

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Column Image Therapy Changes welcomes Lisa Fune as our new Client Care Director and Monique Williams as our Billing Office Manager

You may have noticed two new faces at the Therapy Changes offices. These two lovely ladies are the new additions to our team, Lisa Fune and Monique Williams. Lisa Fune is an integral part of delivering quality care to clients as the Client Care Director at Therapy Changes. Lisa is … Continue reading >

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