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Column Image The Personal Impact of the Death of a Public Figure

Like many of you I found myself shocked and dismayed with the recent death of Robin Williams. He was a public figure who made us laugh, showed us that humor and silliness is an acceptable way to understand the world, and he helped us reflect on critical social issues like … Continue reading >

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Column Image How to Use Both Sides of Your Brain

Have you ever heard people say that they are more of a ‘right brain’ or ‘left brain’ thinker? You’ve probably heard the term before, whether it is on the radio, in a TV show, or sometime long ago in your bio class. But, what does the expression really mean? Do … Continue reading >

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Column Image Laughter is the Best Medicine

Why can’t you trust atoms? …Because they make up everything! Did you laugh? No? I’ll admit that maybe this isn’t the most hilarious joke of all time, but if you read this with someone else who did laugh, chances are, you would have too. According to an article in Real … Continue reading >

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