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Column Image Demystifying Therapy

Most people, when asked what they do for a living can answer relatively quickly and easily. This is not the case for me, as well as many Psychologists. Although the practice of psychology has gained a great deal of recognition and there have been recent developments in psychology research over … Continue reading >

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Column Image How to Cope in a “Get Over and Move On” Society

For those who have experienced loss, disappointment, betrayal, or trauma, the expression get over it and move on is a difficult concept to accept. If you have ever experienced the deep sorrow, confusion, sense of loneliness and aimlessness associated with the situations described here, you know that it’s not that … Continue reading >

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Column Image Failure is not an option – it is a requirement

We live in a culture where photos are airbrushed and perfection reigns supreme. Our society today provides role models that are seemingly perfect. Teens in particular are vulnerable to wanting to “fit in” by emulating what they see in the media by striving perfection. This pursuit, although noble, is a … Continue reading >

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Column Image Understanding Teenage Grief

Teens grieve differently than adults. They move in and out of strong emotions and often grieve for a longer period of time. Their behavior may range from cold and withdrawn to clingy, to appearing as though they are doing fine. They are often not able to express in words, how … Continue reading >

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