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Column Image Child Concepts of Death

The loss of a loved through death one can be an extraordinarily difficult time for everyone in the family. For children, this can also be a time of confusion and fear. Depending on a child’s age, he or she may not fully understand the concept of death and not yet … Continue reading >

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Column Image Making Goodbyes Easier: A Parent’s Guide to Managing Separation Anxiety in Children

On Tuesday, March 19, Dr. Rochelle Perper was featured on the FOX5 San Diego morning segment entitled “ The Mommy and Daddy Handbook” to discuss separation anxiety in young children. You can see the video here. In tandem with the segment, Therapy Changes has released A Parent’s Guide to Managing … Continue reading >

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Column Image What To Say When Words Are Never Enough: Comforting Others in Grief

When someone close to you experiences a loss or tragedy, words are never enough. As a caring friend you may find yourself at a loss of what to do or say in the face of a loved one’s grief. During these times it is helpful to know that there is … Continue reading >

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