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Why Is Leaving So Hard?

By: Natalie Rice-Thorp, Ph.D. | July 5, 2024

How To Feel at Peace With Your Decision   During a recent chat with a Swiftie about the wisdom in Taylor Swift’s song, “It’s Time To Go,” I started thinking about what it’s like to leave something that no longer serves you. Whether it’s a romantic relationship, a friendship, a job, or something else, I […]

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Do You Shy Away From Your Feelings?

By: Kristen Lipari, Ph.D. | June 28, 2024

How To Understand Your Emotional Cues   As a psychologist who treats strong and resilient women, I often hear my clients say that they try their hardest not to cry. They push their feelings away in hopes of avoiding the pain. Emotional repression is a common defense mechanism, especially if you live, or grew up […]

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Coping With Perfectionism Using RAIN

By: Niyatee Sukumaran, Ph.D. | June 21, 2024

As a psychologist, I’ve talked with many clients who are trapped in an endless cycle of not feeling “good enough” because they set excessively high standards for themselves. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with striving for excellence, the tendency to aim for flawlessness negatively impacts a person’s life. This tendency is referred to as […]

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Getting the Love You Want Workshop: What We Learned as a Couple

By: Gregory E. Koch, Psy.D. | May 31, 2024

My husband, José, and I are completing professional training to facilitate the Imago-based ‘Getting the Love You Want’ Couples Workshop. This educational program is an immersive two-and-a-half-day experience on enhancing communication and building intimacy. We are excited to announce that the first workshop will be offered at Therapy Changes in June 2024! In the lead-up […]

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The Benefits of Working With a Private Practice Therapist

By: Rochelle Perper, Ph.D. | May 10, 2024

Mental health has grown as an open topic of conversation since the pandemic, and more people than ever seem to reach out for help. This change catalyzed the startup of large wellness corporations offering “on-demand” therapy, which feel more like tech companies than private mental health care practices. Further examination of the care provided by […]

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Balance Parenting Responsibilities: Increase Equity and Decrease Resentment

By: Kristen Lipari, Ph.D. | April 12, 2024

Many women in their 30’s grew up observing traditional gender roles, when women primarily managed child-rearing responsibilities and “kept the home,” while men worked outside the home to provide financial stability. Over the years gender roles have changed and women have more opportunities to advance their careers. Despite this significant evolution, women with careers who […]

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How to Set and Maintain Your Fitness Goals

By: Sheila Allameh, Psy.D. | April 5, 2024

The spring season has officially begun! The days are longer, and the weather is warmer, allowing more opportunity to be outside and move our bodies. The increased serotonin from healthy movement and Vitamin D from the sun naturally boosts your mood and energy, giving you the motivation you need to set, and maintain your fitness […]

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Join the Modern Men’s Group

By: Demet Çek, Ph.D. | March 25, 2024

The Modern Men’s Group at Therapy Changes is for men who are interested in gathering together to discuss and explore how to be more purposeful, confident, and authentic. I am excited to announce that the men’s group enrollment is now open! Beginning at a young age, many men are taught to suppress their emotions which […]

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Self-Soothe Using Your 5 Senses

By: Natalie Rice-Thorp, Ph.D. | March 15, 2024

Have you ever felt SO mad, sad, or frustrated that you don’t know what to do with yourself? In these moments, what tools and coping skills do you have to manage your emotions effectively? Do you use alcohol or other substances to calm or numb yourself? Do you lash out at loved ones or pick […]

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