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Cognitive Behavior Therapy 101

By: Other | May 31, 2016

Written by Asal Azizi, Psy.D. As a therapist who provides Cognitive Behavior Therapy, I often meet with new clients who have heard a thing or two about CBT work, but have never experienced it. As a new client, you may be intimidated by the idea of undergoing CBT or believe it is the answer to […]

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Mental Health – Let’s Talk About It

By: Other | February 15, 2016

Written by Asal Azizi, Psy.D. As a Psychologist I am often subjected to a variety of jokes or comments regarding my field of work when others discover what I do for a living. There is misguided humor about “those crazy people”, awkward moments when someone tells me they once saw a “shrink”, but “it didn’t work”, […]

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Choosing a Therapist

By: Other | December 14, 2015

Written by Francine Martinez, Ph.D. This is the time of year when we all begin to think about those things we want to change with the New Year. Some of those we can do without assistance, others may involve outside support from others such as a therapist. So, if one of yours, or a friend’s […]

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The Importance of Instilling Values

By: Rochelle Perper, Ph.D. | November 9, 2015

Recently the team at Therapy Changes participated in a half-day workshop facilitated by Dr. Sherry Nooravi at Strategy Meets Performance. The topic of this workshop was developing “Company Values.” You may have heard of this trend in larger corporations like Whole Foods and Zappos. Successful and innovative companies like these are realizing the importance of […]

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Finding the Therapy That’s Right for You

By: Other | October 5, 2015

Written by Kelly Anderson, Ph.D. Earlier this week I was reading an article from Psychology Today about the difficulty Americans are having finding a well-trained Psychologist. The article (which you can read here) followed the story of one man’s three year journey to find a psychologist trained in delivering the gold standard therapy for treating […]

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Dr. Rochelle Perper Interview | Real Talk San Diego

By: Rochelle Perper, Ph.D. | September 28, 2015

  Interview – 8/31/15 Dr. Rochelle Perper with Therapy Changes joins host Lynette Braun on Real Talk San Diego For the full audio interview, please follow the link to listen on SOUNDCLOUD.   Full interview on SOUNDCLOUD    

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How Does Summer Affect Your Mental Health?

By: Other | June 26, 2015

Written by Francine Martinez, Ph.D. We are again in the throes of summer; warm weather, sunshine, and vacations; somehow life seems to be just a little bit better for most of us.  So, what does that mean about our mental health? In 2013 the United States and Australia joined together with Google to track trends […]

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Personal Growth and Therapy

By: Rochelle Perper, Ph.D. | June 26, 2015

We welcome you to listen my Personal Growth and Therapy podcast with RadioReflections: LISTEN About The Episode, by RadioReflections In this episode Rochelle Perper, psychologist and principle therapist at Therapy Changes discusses the nuts and bolts of therapy. Information regarding when and how to begin and end therapy, what questions to ask a potential therapist, […]

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It’s About the Journey… and Your Perspective

By: Other | May 19, 2015

Written by Stefanie Platt, Psy.D. As I approached my 30s, I, unlike many of my friends, welcomed the decade with great joy, as this decade was the one where all of the good things happen, including welcomed stability. My excitement has often been countered by fear experienced by my peers. I frequently hear the disappointment […]

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