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Stress Free Tax Day

By: Other | April 9, 2013

Written by Fabiola Figueroa, Ph.D. It’s that time of year again.  Uncle Sam has arrived.  As April 15th approaches, many individuals feel an increase in stress about the uncertainty of the outcome of their taxes.  Historically, money has been a national concern.  According to the American Psychological Association (2009), 80% of Americans perceive the current […]

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Tips to Manage Your Stress

By: Rochelle Perper, Ph.D. | February 14, 2013

We live in stressful times. Merely turning on the news or talking with friends can bring on new concerns. Personal issues, too, can create stress about your health, your job, financial security, as well as relationships with family and friends. Even everyday annoyances, such as getting stuck in traffic, dealing with a computer problems, or […]

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