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The Simple ABC & F of Behavior

By: Other | September 14, 2015

Written by Jennifer Wendt, Ph.D. The Principles of Understanding & Shaping Behavior Knowledge for Parents Especially those with Young Children Have you ever been baffled by your child’s behavior? Have you ever wondered why your child is acting a certain way or wondered why they haven’t learned to behave a different way? Sometimes we have […]

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Transition your Family from Summer to School

By: Rochelle Perper, Ph.D. | August 24, 2015

Whether your child is starting school for the first time, or entering his or her senior year of High School, transitioning from a summer to school schedule can be stressful. It is natural for children and parents alike to feel a myriad of emotions – ranging from excited and happy to anxious and scared. You can help calm […]

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Summer Time Fun: Breaking up the Daily Grind

By: Other | June 26, 2015

Written by Jennifer Wendt, Ph.D. Do you ever feel like you get up, face the tasks of the day, go to bed and then wake up to press replay? The Groundhog Day phenomenon!  We all laugh about it, but the reality is that it can be very draining. Today’s Society In our society today, we […]

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The ‘Up’ Side of Feeling Down

By: Rochelle Perper, Ph.D. | April 16, 2015

In today’s culture, everyone loves to be happy. Just look at posts on Facebook and other social media of people smiling and having a wonderful time. Bookstores are full of self-help books and you can’t go online without finding an article on “how to be happier.” We’re inundated with the craze to be happy – […]

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Depression: A problem for many older adults

By: Rochelle Perper, Ph.D. | March 19, 2015

Depression is a common problem in older adults. The symptoms of depression affect every aspect of life, including one’s energy, appetite, sleep, and interest in work, hobbies, and relationships. Unfortunately, senior depression is often overlooked, and many depressed seniors do not get the help that they need. Depression in older adults is often overlooked for […]

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Finding Perspective

By: Rochelle Perper, Ph.D. | February 17, 2015

I recently came back from a dirtbiking trip to Death Valley and the surrounding area refreshed and refocused. There are many things that I love about dirtbiking like the opportunity to explore new places and be physically challenged. However, the aspect of the sport that appeals to me the most is the ability to Find […]

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Surviving the Holidays after Divorce

By: Rochelle Perper, Ph.D. | December 24, 2014

The holiday season is typically a time of great anticipation and excitement. But for those who are in the early stages of transitioning through divorce, the prospect of facing the holidays without your partner or children may cause some anxiety and sadness. It is okay to accept the difficulty of this time of year and […]

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Getting Married on Your Terms

By: Rochelle Perper, Ph.D. | July 30, 2014

Recently I had the privilege of traveling to Alaska for my very first “Extra Tuff Wedding”. Extra Tuffs, for those of us in the lower 48, are the footwear of choice for South East Alaskan natives. The big brown boots are clunky, rubber and not very attractive at first glance – but to those who […]

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Becoming a Caregiver of Elderly Parents

By: Other | June 10, 2014

Written by Francine Martinez, Ph.D. Earlier this week we met with the Director of Community Relations for The Glenner Memory Care Centers, Mr. Marshall Stanek. The meeting’s focus was on networking and identifying how we can support each other with our respective clientele; the meeting, however, had a secondary impact on me, namely thinking about […]

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