Dr. Demet Çek Joins Therapy Changes

By: Demet Çek, Ph.D. | March 15, 2019

What fascinates me is the powerful role that emotions play in directing human behavior. Emotions are central to our experience, whether they are expressed through the beats of a song that make masses dance together or through psychological symptoms that cause social isolation.

My interest in emotions led me to study psychology at Koç University, in Istanbul. Growing up in a place rich with history and cultural diversity such as Turkey, I am always eager to pursue new experiences that involve learning and traveling. During my time at Koç University, I was fortunate to pursue a study opportunity in Australia, which allowed me to appreciate the diverse approaches that different countries take toward psychological practice.

My desire to continue learning about empirically supported treatments led me to follow my passion for clinical psychology to Miami, Florida. There I earned my PhD at the University of Miami. My clinical work and research during that time focused on anxiety, OCD, and schizophrenia. After moving to San Diego for my pre-doctoral internship at Sharp HealthCare, I completed my post-doctoral fellowship at Sharp McDonald Center specializing in the treatment of co-occurring substance use and psychiatric disorders.

My Philosophy

Reflecting on my journey, I recognize that the reasons that led me to clinical psychology continue to influence who I am today as a clinician. My new role at Therapy Changes allows me the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with my clients within the context of customized and creative therapeutic care.

I use evidence-based practices through a humanistic lens to identify my clients’ values, desires, strengths, and the areas where they feel stuck. My interventions focus on the present and on action. I strongly believe in providing specialty care and recognize that people want to be heard, valued, and respected. A founder of humanistic psychology, Carl Rogers, PhD, said that in order to grow individuals need an environment that provides them with genuineness, empathy, and acceptance. With this in mind, I strive for collaborative, nonjudgmental, and focused guidance for my clients to accomplish their goals.

My Specialty Areas

  • Substance use and co-occurring disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Psychosis


The conclusion of this introduction initiates an exciting beginning for me at Therapy Changes. I regard it as an incredibly meaningful and exhilarating opportunity. Because I am often moved by my clients’ resilience, willingness to look within, and take committed action, I find it my privilege to take part in a client’s journey toward a life of meaning and purpose. I look forward to working with you.



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