Achieving Ideal Work/Life Balance

Last month, Rochelle was interviewed for the B2B Marketing Bopcast on how business professionals can manage stress and achieve a work/life balance. Below is a snippet of the interview and the full audio and transcript is available on Bop Design’s Bop Blog.

“I think that the biggest obstacle for business professionals is really negative thinking. In life, and especially in business, inevitably things don’t go according to plan. It’s really easy when that happens to focus on what’s not working rather than on the positive aspects of the business. I think that what happens is when people focus too much on what’s not working, they begin to notice their short comings or their flaws or their failures and they start to generalize that to the future. Maybe they start developing this pessimistic or hopelessness attitude about changes that need to be made.

“When you start saying to yourself things like, ‘This won’t work’ or ‘I can’t do that’ then you’re much more likely to flounder, to have difficulty and you’re not as likely to be successful. What I help people do is understand these difficulties or these aspects of business or life that don’t go according to plan as opportunities to learn, develop resilience and see them less as failures. In that way with that new way of thinking about the problem you have that renewed energy and focus to continue in the direction that you’re headed.”

— Rochelle Perper, Ph.D.

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