As Director of Operations at Therapy Changes, Lisa Fune is integral to ensuring that high-quality mental health services are delivered to our clients and to the community. Since joining the team in 2015, Lisa has committed herself to upholding Therapy Changes’ values by placing client comfort at the forefront of all we do. She oversees practice operations and ensures a well-organized office with smooth processes and procedures. Lisa is pivotal to keeping our team of talented Psychologists functioning optimally so you receive the focused and individualized care that you deserve.

Lisa is passionate about helping others and invests meaningfully in relationships with community partners. She produces website and media content that communicates our mission for personal care and comfort, as well as valuable resources and information, including our Blog for Better Living.

Lisa’s focus on client comfort and effortless office visits help the Therapy Changes team uphold our strong commitment to high quality care.

Lisa is an enthusiastic and detail oriented professional with over 20 years of experience in the medical field and over 25 years in client relations. Originally from southern California, Lisa attended college at Chico State and resided in northern California for 23 years while she and her husband raised a family. During her time in northern California, Lisa owned and operated two successful businesses and eventually found her passion in health care. Starting in direct patient care, Lisa rapidly moved into various leadership roles at Enloe Medical Center and dedicated her career to improving the quality of life through patient-centered care and meaningful community outreach. Lisa is compassionate and trustworthy with the ability to convey and receive sensitive information effectively, providing empathy and reassurance to those with whom she communicates.