Ivette Gimenez-Akasaki

Ivette Gimenez-Akasaki is a valued member of Therapy Changes team in her role as Client Care Coordinator. Ivette ensures a smooth transition to therapy for clients and families, particularly those who are reaching out for the first time. Trustworthy and detail-oriented, she will answer your questions and help match you with a talented therapist on our team who will best serve your needs. Ivette’s warm and empathetic nature reflects the Therapy Changes’ values of authentic compassion and care. Ivette places your comfort at the forefront of what she does by ensuring a relaxed experience coming to therapy.

Ivette earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Women’s Studies from San Diego State University. Ivette’s passion for mental health is demonstrated by her past positions in the field. She served as research assistant for several studies conducted by the South Bay Latino Research Center and was lead recruiter and community mentor for a large-scale study at Scripps Hospital in Chula Vista. Ivette also has experience working with adults with behavioral challenges through the United Cerebral Palsy Association – Project College. Ivette is planning to pursue her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in the coming years. In her personal life, Ivette loves traveling and learning about other cultures. She is compassionate, warm, and values cultural sensitivity and awareness. In your communications with Ivette, you will experience her genuine caring and empathetic nature.