Therapy Changes offers specialized therapy for children using evidence-based approaches that are uniquely tailored to each child.

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Therapy Changes Psychologists are trained in the art of providing support to young children and adolescents by taking the time to really get to know them as the unique individuals that they are. During child therapy, children learn the tools necessary to cope with stressors and difficult life transitions.

Typically children are invited to meet with the therapist privately. However, parental involvement is a crucial component to Child Therapy. Throughout the course of therapy, parents frequently receive consultation from their therapist regarding positive parenting techniques to manage disruptive behaviors and interventions to use at home to help support children’s emotional needs.

Play Therapy

Unlike therapy for adults, Child Therapy often includes the use of art, therapeutic toys and games, and imaginative play. Child therapists at Therapy Changes are skilled in the techniques of play therapy, a form of therapy that allows children the opportunity to practice problem-solving skills through play

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