Therapy Changes Welcomes Tracey Nguyen as our New Client Care Coordinator

By: Tracey Nguyen | May 25, 2018

I am excited to return to Therapy Changes as an official member of the team! Currently in my senior year at the University of California, San Diego, I work both as the Client Care Coordinator at Therapy Changes and as a Research Assistant at the UCSD Emotion Lab.

I graduate from UCSD in the spring of 2018 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, with a specialization in Social. My educational journey will continue as I pursue a doctoral degree in psychology in marital and family therapy, specializing in other areas as well. I look forward to exploring the many rewarding areas of psychotherapy, including my passion for working with children and adolescents.

Growing up in San Diego, I admire the diversity and culture that embraces our community. This admiration fosters a sense of belonging and the hope of raising a family, with my husband, in San Diego. As one of the many ways to help and give back to the community, I aspire to become an exceptional psychologist who provides high quality care to its members.

As the Client Care Coordinator with experiences in health care and client relations, my goal is to create a smooth transition for clients and families, particularly those coming to therapy for the first time. I will answer clients’ questions and help to match them with the therapist who best fits their needs based on specialty, location, and insurance preferences. Working closely with the Director of Operations, I look forward to providing support for Therapy Changes psychologists while devoting as much time as possible to clients. I hope that my genuine commitment to clients is evident in every interaction and reflects Therapy Changes’ values of authentic compassion and care.

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