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Premarital Therapy

Premarital therapy, often referred to as premarital counseling, is an excellent way for couples to begin their life together on the right foot. It provides a mechanism to anticipate issues before they happen and the tools required to address the challenges that do occur.

Our sessions with couples who are to be married or go through commitment ceremonies delve into areas like communication styles, receiving and offering love, and avoiding pitfalls. We focus on issues that are important to each couple, and that can include anything from religious and spiritual concerns to their relationship with money.

By simply opening a dialogue, often about things couples have never discussed, each person understands the other on a deeper level. Add that to learning effective communication techniques—since missing or poor communication is at the root of many troubled relationships—and couples are putting themselves in a better position to have successful, long-term partnerships.

It’s certainly best to go into a marriage or committed relationship with your eyes wide open, and you might be surprised at how much value there is to sitting down with a neutral third party who can provide focused guidance for you and your partner. Premarital counseling from Therapy Changes provides you with a plan to overcome potential future obstacles and a safe place to share your hopes, dreams and expectations before you say “I do.”