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Grief and Loss Therapy

The narrowest definition of grief and loss therapy is helping people regain a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives after a significant loss. Many of those we see are mourning the loss of a loved one through death, but there are other types of losses that can benefit from this type of therapy. Losses associated from any major life transition, such as losing hopes, dreams, and relationships, may also be tough to overcome alone.

We acknowledge that you’re going through a profound, unique experience, and you may feel quite alone. Our sessions provide you with a place to express your feelings honestly and openly—and we’re not going to tell you to “move on.” We understand that everyone grieves differently, and there’s no “right” way or specified length of time for this journey.

We’ll work through the stages of mourning with you and help you adjust to your altered reality by emotionally relocating the person who’s gone (or whatever you’ve lost). We’ll identify what fulfills you, and focus on rebuilding your life, creating a sense of purpose, passion and interest.

We work with grieving adults and children, acknowledging that youths and teens deal with loss quite differently from their older counterparts. We also provide support for those who’ve suffered losses that aren’t openly recognized by society, such as a miscarriage or the death of a gay partner, mentor or cherished pet. Unfortunately, loss is a part of life, but support from Therapy Changes can make a real difference in your ability to regain strength and move forward.