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Column Image Social Media Ruling Your Life?

In the 21st century, doesn’t it feel like we are constantly online? We never really have a break from social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. As a college student, I follow a wide variety of people on various social platforms, and personally am guilty of using these … Continue reading >

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Column Image Selfie Syndrome

“Selfie” gained fame as a well-known word in our daily lives. Not only adults, but also more and more preteens and young children take endless selfies upon life’s every moments, which constantly change to display an enhanced version of themselves. They post and share these pictures on social media, chasing … Continue reading >

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Column Image Understanding Adolescence

At this time in my life, I have parents around me with young children in the 2-to-4 year-old range. I’ve been taken by their trials and tribulations while raising increasingly independent beings. I chuckle at the term “threenager,” which describes the emotional and behavioral challenges of that particular age group. … Continue reading >

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Column Image Protecting Our LGBTQ+ Youth

Growing up is hard to do! For all of us, especially adolescents and young adults, exploring who we are, what we want in life, and our friendships and intimate relationships are especially important. It’s not always easy navigating our independence with what our parents and family members may expect or … Continue reading >

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Column Image Helping Teens Cope with Social Anxiety

Adolescence is a time of uncertainty and change. It is a period of adjustment when children develop autonomy; learn more about themselves and transition into young adulthood. It’s natural for teens feel self-conscious, nervous or shy in font of others during this time. Many teens experience a racing heart, sweaty … Continue reading >

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Column Image Ready for College! Are you ready?

You’ve put so much intensity, energy, and focus into preparing for college by studying for the SAT’s, taking AP classes and visiting schools. Now comes the most important part of the preparation process…making the transition between high school and college. Taking time to create a plan for the Four Core … Continue reading >

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Column Image 8 Steps to Help Your Child Learn Problem Solving Skills

As adults we solve problems all throughout the day, from minimal to major problems. We are called upon to make decisions and find solutions to problems occurring in our homes, jobs, relationships, health, etc. The list is endless! Many problems we fix are common and we have learned a variety … Continue reading >

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Column Image Technology and Our Teens

Technology today is reaching a critical mass stage where new products and ways of sharing are found and implemented at lightning speeds. There was a time when telling your child that they were not allowed to watch TV or have friends over was a huge punishment. In this modern age, … Continue reading >

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Column Image Teens and Marijuana: What Every Parent Needs To Know

With marijuana use on the rise in the United States, and an increase in potency of the drug, addiction specialists are seeing more daily/heavy use of marijuana among teens, according to an expert from Columbia University Medical School. A report released last year by the U.N. Office on Drugs and … Continue reading >

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