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Column Image The Mindful Parent

Take a moment to pause and reflect on the word “parent”.  If you are a parent, you might be thinking about the daily challenges you face: alone-time is probably non-existent, and despite feeling successful at work or in other areas, you might feel ineffective as a parent (particularly when trying … Continue reading >

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Column Image Learning to Manage Impulses Effectively

Many people have difficulty controlling their impulses. At one time or another, we may act on urges to stay home from work on a rainy day or raise an angry voice in disagreement. Such impulses arise daily. For some, they come throughout the day; for others, such feelings come out … Continue reading >

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Column Image Building Blocks for Emotional Resilience

Changes, stress, and obstacles seem to be an inevitable part of life. Part of effectively coping with these challenges is learning how to be flexible and adapt to the pain that enters our lives. Pain can take the form of many things, including intense emotion, loss, health problems, or relationship … Continue reading >

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Column Image Mindful Eating for a Successful Holiday Season

Winter has finally made its way to San Diego! Along with the cooler weather and shorter nights, many Americans are finding themselves in the middle of the holiday season. Whether or not this time of year holds significance for celebrating holidays, winter is a time that begs for comfort food … Continue reading >

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Column Image Helping Teens Cope with Social Anxiety

Adolescence is a time of uncertainty and change. It is a period of adjustment when children develop autonomy; learn more about themselves and transition into young adulthood. It’s natural for teens feel self-conscious, nervous or shy in font of others during this time. Many teens experience a racing heart, sweaty … Continue reading >

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Column Image Forgiveness: A Way to Move On

Often times in therapy, a client I am working with is able to recognize the overall improvements they have made. They feel happier, the symptoms they once had are minimal or gone, relationships are improved and they feel more confident. However, they may still feel some underlying disappointment or pain, … Continue reading >

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Column Image Relaxation Exercises for Your Body and Mind

Stress! It’s a feeling that most people can relate to and it happens more often than we would like. Not only does stress cause us to think negatively, but it can make us feel physically uncomfortable too. Coping with stress effectively, before you feel overwhelmed, can help to prevent longer-term negative … Continue reading >

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Column Image Mindfulness for You and Your Family

As the morning alarm goes off, family members of all ages rush off to start the daily grind of everyday life. Children and teens hurry to face a day of getting ready for school, learning all day, sport practice or music lessons after school, dinner with their parents, and an … Continue reading >

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Column Image The Importance of Self-Care

Like many people, I find that I wear different hats throughout my week. In addition to being a psychologist, I am also a mother, wife, friend, sister and so on. Each and every role I fill is important to me and deserves my attention, time and consideration. However, like many … Continue reading >

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Column Image Mindfulness Practice

In today’s fast paced world, we are often tasked with managing many different situations at once. As humans we have the ability to hold multiple thoughts in our mind at one time and process information about one activity while actively involved in another. Although this amazing ability is often quite … Continue reading >

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