Therapy Changes Welcomes Dr. Joy Francisco

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I am delighted to be a part of Therapy Changes and look forward to the opportunity to continue helping others. Since high school, I have had great interest in discovering what drives human behavior and motivation. Once discovered, these findings can lead to the development of interventions that can improve the quality of life for a broad spectrum of people.

As a psychologist for the past 9 years, I have considerable experience as a guiding and validating force for the health and well-being of my clients. Connecting with clients allows me to help them sort through the inherent difficulties of the human condition. I help clients to address their unique situations and find meaningful solutions.

While I draw upon and integrate varied methods to meet the needs of each client, the approaches I find most useful include Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). As well established therapy techniques, SFT and CBT share fundamental similarities. Broadly speaking, both therapies focus on helping the client identify and cultivate solutions while decreasing the emphasis on negative aspects of the client’s life. Combining aspects of both therapies creates an influential tool to help clients achieve their goals.

Solution Focused Therapy emphasizes the importance of the present and the future. This focuses clients on creating and achieving new life goals. When clients achieve a healthy direction to pursue, I support them in their new pursuits. For example, I enjoy collaborating with clients to identify their strengths, then to use these strengths in the areas they want to improve. Important life changes such as higher self-confidence and stronger relationships can be achieved through effective SFT.

With the addition of a Cognitive Behavioral Approach, clients are able to focus on present and future solutions. Research shows cognitive therapy to be as effective as some medications for mental issues. Why? Because we know that there is a direct link between the thoughts we think and the feelings we feel. When practiced over time, healthy and productive thoughts produce effective long term results.

John Maxwell described it best in the following quote:

“Changing your thinking, changes your beliefs. Changing your beliefs, changes your expectations. Changing your expectations, changes your attitude. Changing your attitude, changes your behavior. Changing your behavior, changes your performance. Changing your performance, changes your life.”

CBT directly facilitates changes in the distorted, negative thinking patterns that may lead to preoccupation with past problems. Through effective application of both Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, I help clients focus on the positive elements of their lives while gaining new confidence to achieve their life goals.

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