Medical Billing Intern

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Therapy Changes is pleased to invite a student to participate in an internship where he or she will have the opportunity to assist in the billing operations for a group psychology practice. Duties include a wide range of financial and accounting tasks with a focus on medical insurance reimbursements for outpatient mental health services. Interns will receive a foundation that will further his or her academic learning, growth and skill development in the areas of medical billing and business administration. The experience includes professional supervision, ongoing direction, oversight and feedback from a professional with expertise in the field. Supervisors will work with interns to establish clear learning objectives for the internship and provide opportunities to work towards achieving their objectives. Interns will be given substantive, hands-on projects and assignments and will be able to produce a tangible effect of their work at the completion of the internship.

Responsibilities of the Medical Billing Intern may include, but are not limited to:

  • Insurance Verifications
    • Perform insurance verifications and determine eligibility of services
    • Communicate billing and insurance information to clients, staff and therapists
    • Update client files in TherapyAppointment software
  • Billing Procedures
    • Assist with processing mail and EOBs
    • Assist with posting payments
    • Assist with claims, as requested
    • Create client invoices and remittance statements, as requested
  • Office Procedures
    • Complete daily office opening procedures
    • Replenish copies and supplies, as needed
    • Index business receipts
    • Assist Billing Operations Specialist and founder with clerical duties
    • Become knowledgeable of, and work in, a HIPAA compliant workplace
  • Other Duties
    • Assist with special projects as necessary
    • Research ways to request increased reimbursement from insurance companies

Minimum of 200 hours required

Please include a letter of interest when applying.

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