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Column Image Emotional Abuse in Relationships

Many of us have encountered situations, in which we feel that someone, maybe one of our family members or a friend, is constantly devaluing us, making fun of us, degrading our beliefs, shrinking our confidence or restraining our freedom and rights. If emotional abuse is not something you have directly … Continue reading >

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Column Image Seasons Are Changing

We’ve all heard of the “winter blues”, those times when we just begin to feel down for now explainable reason. Our mood shifts and we can become lethargic, more sentimental and can have this overwhelming feeling of sadness. Adding to the frustration of the mood shift is recognizing that you … Continue reading >

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Column Image Is My Child Normal?

One of the most common questions I hear when a parent enters my office to talk about their child is “Is this normal?” We often wonder if our child is developing and behaving in typical kid-fashion or if there is something more we should be identifying. Children move through innumerable phases … Continue reading >

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Column Image Tips for the Student Athlete

Growing up, athletics have always been an important aspect of my life. Now, as a collegiate athlete, many new realities have set in. When I was younger, balancing my training schedule for track and field along with my academic coursework was manageable; in fact, I even had plenty of extra … Continue reading >

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Column Image Forgiveness: A Way to Move On

Often times in therapy, a client I am working with is able to recognize the overall improvements they have made. They feel happier, the symptoms they once had are minimal or gone, relationships are improved and they feel more confident. However, they may still feel some underlying disappointment or pain, … Continue reading >

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