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Column Image The “Sandwich Generation”: What is it? And, How to Manage this Life Role

The question raised in the title is one that I found myself asking as I faced my “sandwich generation” role with an aging parent and an ill spouse — it sure feels like I’m in the middle of that sandwich! Writing a blog is both a learning/teaching opportunity, as well … Continue reading >

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Column Image Instilling Family Values

Values are instilled at the heart of every family. They are the values that we feel are important to uphold when living our lives and interacting with our world. If asked what values are important in your family, some values may be bold and obvious while others may be a … Continue reading >

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Column Image Mindfulness for You and Your Family

As the morning alarm goes off, family members of all ages rush off to start the daily grind of everyday life. Children and teens hurry to face a day of getting ready for school, learning all day, sport practice or music lessons after school, dinner with their parents, and an … Continue reading >

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Column Image The Psychological Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

I recently took a trip to Death Valley National Park to see the “Super Bloom” of wildflowers – a rare event that is worth seeing. Located in eastern California and Nevada, Death Valley is a unique and special place that has always inspired awe for me. Being in nature helps … Continue reading >

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