Therapy Changes welcomes Dr. Kelly Anderson

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I would like to start by saying how happy I am to be the newest member the Therapy Changes team! I am looking forward to being able to offer a variety of therapeutic services in the Point Loma location. Although I am originally from Southern California, I received my Ph.D. from Texas Tech University and completed my internship at the Durham Veterans Affairs in North Carolina before happily returning to California to complete my postdoctoral residency at the San Diego Veterans Affairs/University of California, San Diego psychology training program. In addition to allowing me to join the practice at Therapy Changes, returning to the area has also allowed my family and me the chance to enjoy all the benefits that come with living in sunny San Diego.

Having had the opportunity to receive training throughout the country shaped my understanding of, while being fully immersed in, a variety of different environments contributing to my ability to work effectively with diverse individuals. My return to Southern California has given me the chance to continue to apply these learning experiences when working with my clients, particularly given the rich diversity of the San Diego population. Further, my American Psychological Association (APA) accredited training emphasized treating individuals using therapies that have been shown to be highly effective through extensive research. In addition to valuing treatments with strong empirical evidence, I believe that staying current with the research and developments on therapies allow me to use the best available treatments with each of my clients. I feel that my commitment to using the most relevant therapy for every individual helps my clients gain a sense of wellness and power over their concerns.

One of the most appealing benefits of working in private practice is that I get the chance to apply my extensive training in evidence-based treatments while adhering to my personal belief that people can live the life they want despite coping with difficult issues.

More specifically, I can use my training in Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) as a framework to tailor treatment to each person I work with. Therefore, I can take a whole person approach to treatment, which goes beyond focusing on just symptoms and problems by considering the context of each client in regards to his or her background, life experiences, goals, and personal values.  As a Psychologist at Therapy Changes, I have the flexibly to individualize treatment for each person I meet, knowing that this has maximized outcomes for the clients I have worked with in the past.

During my seven years of working with clients, I have found that individuals seeking therapy often have difficulty in more than one area.  It is because of this that my goal is to work collaboratively with my clients to create a treatment plan that addresses the person, not just the problem.

We often start by defining goals and values, which helps me to get a fuller understanding of the person I am working with and aids clients in defining the changes they would like to see in their lives. It is then useful to identify the roadblocks to these goals and choose the treatment best suited to the individual. After gaining a clear understanding of the person and their individual goals, I work with my clients to teach them the skills and tools needed to address problem areas and make changes to live a fulfilling and rewarding life.  In this regard, I view my role in the therapy relationship as being an agent of change by providing the support, skills, and expertise needed to understand and overcome the obstacles that can keep someone from living a valued life.

My personal areas of expertise include:

  • Addictive Patterns and Behaviors
  • Anxiety and worry
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Depression
  • Grief and Loss
  • Multicultural-related issues
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Stress-related issues
  • Unbalanced thinking

While these concerns are difficult to cope with and for many people long standing difficulties, I have supported numerous individuals as they have learned to overcome painful experiences, emotions, and thoughts by taking action to live the life they want. My primary goal is to continue supporting those I work with through my role as the newest Psychologist at Therapy Changes.

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