Therapy Changes welcomes Sean Weller as our new Client Care Director

Therapy Changes is pleased to announce the most recent member to our team, Sean Weller. Sean is an integral part of delivering quality care to our clients as both Client Care Director and Business Operations Manager. Sean is an outgoing and approachable individual with over six years of experience in the medical and client care field. He is devoted and passionate about direct client care and has a warm, compassionate nature. Sean’s duties include administrative support, fulfilling client expectations and keeping the Psychologists functioning optimally. Sean’s primary priority is to create a smooth transition for clients and families, particularly those who are coming to therapy for the first time. You can count on Sean to greet you with a warm smile and answer all of your questions with patience and grace.

Sean’s focus on client comfort and effortless office visits help the Therapy Changes team uphold our strong commitment to high quality care.

Born in New Mexico, Sean entered the U.S. Navy shortly after graduation. During his time in the Navy, Sean held leadership roles including Health Care Management, Emergency Triage and Trauma Care, Administration and Logistics, as well as Physical Fitness Leadership and Education. His main duty was a Hospital Corpsman where he was responsible for providing daily direct patient care. Currently Sean is attending San Diego Community College District. He ultimately plans to attend medical school and pursue his dream of becoming a Medical Doctor.

Sean has already demonstrated his compassion and skill in his communication with others. He is detail oriented, conscientious and a dedicated team member who puts client comfort at the forefront of all that he does. Those who have worked with Sean say that he has a “genuine compassion for patient care” and that he “listens to others and not judge or discourage them.” Sean’s immediate supervisor while serving in Afghanistan and here at home raves that Sean is an “intelligent and highly motivated individual who displays exceptional maturity and inherent dedication to his patients.”

Sean will be in the office Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8:00am – 5:00pm. After December 15, 2014, Sean will be with us full-time Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 4:00pm. Please join us in welcoming Sean Weller to the Therapy Changes family!

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